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Artist : Kathleen Petyarre

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Artist : Kathleen Petyarre
Born : c.
Region : -

KATHLEEN PETYARRE is an eminent Australian Aboriginal artist, known for her paintings displaying an extremely refined layering technique with intricate dotting.

Her art refers directly to her country and her Dreamings, concepts that may be difficult to grasp for the non-Aboriginal viewer. However, the vastness of the country can be clearly felt in the landscapes of Petyarre's paintings.

Kathleen Petyarre was born at the remote location of Atnangkere, (150 miles north-east of Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory). She belongs to the Alyawarre/Eastern Anmatyerre clan and speaks Eastern Anmatyerre.

In 1996 KATHLEEN PETYARRE was the winner of the 13th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award. Controversy arose in 1997 when KATHLEEN PETYARRE estranged partner of ten years, Ray Beamish, claimed that he had had a hand in the execution of the winning painting. This controversy, which shook the Aboriginal art market at the time, resulted in much stricter emphasis being put on the documentation of authorship in Aboriginal paintings. Kathleen Petyarre's name was eventually cleared, and she retained her award.

Her considerable reputation as one of the most original indigenous artists has since been confirmed nationally and internationally by her regular inclusion in exhibitions at the most reputed museums and galleries.

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