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Whats on Art Gallery WA

Art Gallery WA has a large number of ongoing permanent exhibitions, which include the the historical exhibit, presenting works from the 1700s to the 1910s, the AGWA Historical exhibition features examples of some of the key art movements of the nineteenth century.

Many works take landscape as their subject, and the artistic approaches range from a precise observation of nature to impressionist works capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.

Art Gallery WA Modern exhibition is a permanent exhibit,  presenting works from 1920 to 1969. The display reflects key developments in the history of Australian and international art, during a time of social, political and artistic transition.

The works from this period show how art transformed from traditional modes of representation to purely abstract and conceptual art. AGWA Modern includes works by well-known Australian artists alongside key twentieth-century international artists, 

Complimenting the Historical and Modern Ongoing exhibitions is the contempary exhibit at Art Galllery WA. with selective samplings of mainly Australian, and some international works, captures shifts of focus in art practice over the course of five decades, spanning this century and the last. Arranged in loose chronological and thematic groupings.

The artists in the contempary exhibition at Art Galllery WA show us a way we can reclaim and reinvent images in the spirit of peace. If these works seem odd, that may be their way of helping us see things differently, and looking at everything anew—from the lives of people in Pompeii, to the US invasion of Afghanistan, to local identity and race relations, to our own ability to question and reconstruct the world we live in. 

Completing the Permanent exhibition at Art GAllery WA is WA Unlimited, celebrating Western Australian art across three galleries. Start your visit with a walk through the WA Journey gallery, presenting works from the 1920s to today.

The history of Western Australian art is made up of many different, and often conflicting stories. This display highlights some of these, as it brings together works from 1920 to the present by WA Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists.

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