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Nude art, sometimes called life studies, is often featured in movies and sketches where there is some (usually) beautiful woman/man and it attract a large following by men/woman who want to have a look on. The truth in reality is that most people attending these life studies ar there to pracise their art.

Similairly in many european cultures nudity is accepted form and is not seen as unusual.

Many australian/american cannot understand going to a sauna naked and just enjoying the heat and relaxion of the suana, likewise Asutralian television recently interviewed someone fromt he australian nudist foundation and the interviewers could not understand how the freedom of expression of being nude is just that, freedom from your clothes to just enjoy life. The interviewers had these thoughts that being nude would lead to perverts taking photos and couples wanting to go off and have fun every five minute...

Thankfully in art we can accept nudity to a degree(given age limits apply), and with this we can see the form of the person, how nature had intended, the image hopefully is not photshopped or air brushed so that the flaws are taken away (this is an american trait where unless you are perfect you are not wothy). With Art there is always articistic licence which improves/ exaggerates or even removes part for the whole feeling of the art work.

By selecting the female nude as the model for their art-pieces, the artists desire to connect themselves with the viewers emotionally. The painters wish convey the exact feeling they encounter while looking at the nude object. During the ancient time, whether it may be the paintings of Venus or work done on the alters of churches, the artists' primary motive remained the adoration of the beauty of human body, especially of the female body.

Thankfully in modern times, the subject of ‘Painting The Nude’ has undergone a gradual liberation from academic constraints and you are no longer seen as a perve, should you so desire to focus on the nude art form.

It's very difficult to find works that are able to materialize the fantastic conjunction of the Nude with Art. Only a few masters in the history of art were able to pass this test. The true essence of art is beauty, joined with the sensuality of the nude, often confused with vulgarity. Nudity is always disquieting, instigating and surprising. So the artist, both in painting and in sculpture, in dancing or in photography, discovers in the nude a profound link with the pureness of being. Sensuality stimulates creativity in every sense. Sensuality also evokes love, passion and the creation of man. This is why nudity moves us so profoundly.
(Ariano Cavalcanti de Paula)

"Art is never pure, we should keep it far away from the innocent ignorant. We should never let people approach. Yes, art is dangerous. If it is pure it is not art."
(Pablo Picasso)

The question remains
Fine art is respectable, sex is not. where does art, a work of art cross that line
to being a sex / or just pornographic… perhaps it is just our own values we have been given by
our parents and society…..

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