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Still Life is an art term, that refers to a special kind of picture. It represents an arrangement of inanimate objects such as a bowl, fruit or bottles. Usually the arrangement is made according to the artist's purpose.

When someone starts out as a hobbyist artist, then they will start off with still life drawing, understanding perspective, curvature of the apple, the shading and reflection of the light all to covey in gray what is in 3 dimension before the artist.

It is not necessary to use color to how the light bounces off the object or to show the color of one reflect onto another, balck and white pencil drawings can encompass much more and can even heighten the artistic experience when viewed in greys.

A still life pencil drawing can help us study shapes and see how they interact on our eyes, we learn how to measure correct proportions and how they can make the difference betwen a good drawing and a remarkable drawing. This is the starting point for all artists.

The new artist must lean about shading, how to create that reflection in black and white, how a shadows casts onto another object. The new (Still life ) artist must correctly define which areas are going to be the dark and light, which areas show reflection, a task which takes many hours.

Starting off on that apple is less intimidating than going to a park and having people stop and look at your pathetic excuse for perspective. many still life drawings generally remain unfinshed and just sit in your folio waiting to be rediscovered.

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