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Artist : Gracie Morton Pwerle

Artist Profile

Artist : Gracie Morton Pwerle
Born: c. 1956
Region: Utopia, Northern Territory
Language Group: Alyawarre

Gracie Morton Pwerle (An Alyawarre woman) was born on Utopia Station, approximately 250km north-east of Alice Springs, and is the daughter of well known artist Myrtle Petyarre.

Gracie's works are represented in major private collections such as The Robert Holmes a Court Collection in Western Australia.

Gracie style of painting is distinctively minimalist and she uses a very delicate dotting technique, her career began in the 1970's with the Utopia Women's Batik Group and on canvas in the late 1980's

Her mother is sister to Gloria, Kathleen, Violet, Mrytle and Ada Bird Petyarre, all well established artists. Her sisters Mary, Rita and Elizabeth also paint. Gracie Morton is the daughter of artist Myrtle Petyarre.

Gracie Pwerle Morton is one of the senior traditional custodian for both the Altyerre (Dreaming) and the vast expanse of related country, some 263kms north of Alice Springs, Australia.

In accordance to traditional law the responsibility for the Bush Plum Dreaming has been passed down to Gracie from her father and her aunt, who are responsible for ensuring that she perseveres its traditions.

Gracie Pwerle Morton is an important Australian artist represented in throughout the world including

  • Beher-Sammlung Privatsammlungen Reimers-Stiftung,
  • Art Gallery of South Australia (Adelaide),
  • Queensland Art Gallery (Brisbane),
  • National Gallery of Australia (Canberra),
  • Museum and Art Gallery Northern Territory (Darwin),
  • Art Bank (Sydney),
  • National Gallery of Victoria (Melbourne),
  • Art Gallery of Western Australia (Perth) and
  • Homes a Court Gallery and gallery Collection (Perth).
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