Aboriginal art title

Delvine Petyarre

DELVINE PETYARRE aboriginal artist

Delvine Petyarre

Artist Profile

Artist : Delvine Petyarre
Born: c. 1982
Skin name: Petyarre (also spelled Pitjara, Petyarr)
Language: Anmatyerre
Region: Utopia Region
Dreaming: -

Delvine Petyarre is the younger sister of well-known Utopia artist Anna Petyarre. Delvine was born in 1982 and shares the same stories and Country as her sister Anna. Delvine Petyarre is connected to Country at Atneltyeye, or Boundary Bore, which is located on the Utopia Homelands in Central Australia.

Delvine, like her sister, learned her painting skills and stories from her family. Her mother was artist Glory Ngale and Delvine is also related to the famous artists Kudditji Kngwarreye and Emily Kame Kngwarreye, through her grandparents..

Delvine Petyarre continues the tradition of using fine dot work to represent Country at Utopia, showing the undulating sandhills and formations of dry river beds that mark this landscape. The paintings are graphic representations, mostly rendered in black and white, that reveal the important sites and locations scattered across the landscape.

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