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Artist: Abie Loy Kemarre

Artist: Abie Loy Kemarre
Born : circa.1972.
Skin Name: Kemarre (Akemarr)
Region: Utopia
Dreaming: Bush Hen (Turkey or
Bush Bustard) Bush Leave

Abie Loy Kemarre depicts stories from her grandfather's country of Artenya Utopia, Aboriginal Art Regions of Central Australia.

The formidable guidance of her famous grandmother, Kathleen Petyarre who imparted the methodology for creating the depth-of-field of tiny shimmering dots in her highly delicate, Bush Hen Dreaming paintings.


  • Kelton Foundation, Los Angeles, USA
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Commissions, Adelaide

Over time, Abie Loy Kemarre's paintings further evolved through her skill as a talented colorist and during 2001/2002, Loy introduced a bolder, more abstract style in her Sandhills and Body painting series. These paintings are representational of her inherited Dreaming stories, however, these powerful images could be stylistically interpreted as abstract, expressionist and even post-modern.

As a young artist, Abie Loy Kemarre's paintings show the detailed designs of her stories, using fine dotting, as does her grandmother (Kathleen Petyarre) , and also bold contemporary works.

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