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michelle possum


Artist : Michelle Possum Nungurray

Artist Profile

Artist : Michelle Possum Nungurray
Born :1970
Region : Papunya
Language : Anmatyerre

Michelle Possum Nungurray was born in 1970, her mother was Emily Nakamarra Possum, a Lurritja woman, and her father is Clifford Possum Tjapaljarri, one of the most renowned of the founding group of Papunya painters. She was raised on a local Station called Napperby.

Michelle Possum first exhibited with her father and sister Gabrielle Possum in Brisbane in 1987 and again at Coo-ee Gallery in Sydney in 1992.

Michelle Possum Nungurray work is influenced by her father the great Clifford Possum who is renowned for his brilliant manipulation of three dimensional space. Both her father’s work and her own work have strong figurative elements which stand out from the highly descriptive background, dotting is always used to depict the topography of the country.

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